Addressable GeoFencing

What is Addressable GEOFencing?

Addressable GeoFencing

When you want to target individual households and businesses with marketing precision, Addressable GeoFencing is your answer. Each street address uploaded into our system is converted into a geofence, enabling the opportunity to target consumers at each individual physical address with efficiency and accuracy.

Reach consumers with digitals ads on the desktop/laptop, mobile, video, display and/or OTT/CTV with targeting based on household and business street address data. It’s marketing that works as a standalone campaign or as an extension to complement an existing marketing campaign like direct mail, addressable TV ads, and other marketing.

Addressable GeoFencing improves the frequency of ads, enhances targeting with greater precision, and effectively allows advertisers to set targeting overlays to determine foot traffic attribution, so you know the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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Why Choose for Addressable GeoFencing?

We provide advertisers the tools to market with precision. When you apply Addressable GeoFencing to a marketing campaign, your campaigned is targeted to the consumers you want,and the reach is wide. Marketing is also more efficient and effective because you’re receiving reports with attributable results. Addressable GeoFencing also overcomes the hurdles faced with other digital marketing tactics.

Get started with on your marketing campaign, because you’ll get:

  • Precision targeting – When addresses are uploaded into our system for targeting, plat line data is gathered from property tax and public land surveying information to help with precision targeting.
  • Wider reach – The reach for each campaign is based on the number of physical addresses entered into the system for targeting. If an advertiser has 1 million physical addresses to target, the campaign is run to reach the consumers among all the addresses uploaded.
  • Effective extension to other marketing tactics – Direct mail, TV ads, and other addressable marketing efforts have their own approaches, but applying Addressable GeoFencing to the marketing mix helps improve the frequency and reach of the campaign across multiple digital devices within the addressable target zone. Campaigns may be further personalized based on intelligence gathered at the address level.
  • Foot traffic attribution & reporting – Foot traffic to an advertiser’s location is trackable when conversion zones are used with Addressable GeoFencing. Performance reporting may be narrow down to the ZIP+4 level as well as the number of times a digital ad was viewed by the consumer prior to physical traffic to the advertiser’s location.
  • Solutions to overcome hurdles faced with other digital marketing tactics – An ad campaign’s reach is hindered when IP addresses are truncated in programmatic advertising, but that is not the case with Addressable GeoFencing. The different avenues available to run digital ads also provide advertisers with the opportunity to build brand recognition and offers consumers more opportunities to engage and act on an ad.

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How Addressable GeoFencing Works?

Advertisers simply need to know the audience they want to reach and target, and takes care of the rest!

Step 1:

Upload list of physical addresses to target for ad campaign.

Step 2:

Our system matches each address with plat line data (breaking it down by location, shape, size) and builds a geofence around the address to target consumers.

Step 3:

Ad campaign is run to reach targeted consumers associated with the household or business address, which is possible across devices, including desktop/laptop, mobile, video, display, and/or OTT/CTV.

Step 4:

Tracking is enabled and advertisers may implement Conversion Zones to report online and offline conversions.

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How Businesses Succeed with Addressable GeoFencing?

Businesses with address-level targeting goals and those who have maintained an address list on their customers and prospective customers can further build business success with Addressable GeoFencing. It’s a marketing approach applicable for many businesses and purposes, including:

  • Auto and Car Dealerships
  • Medical and Healthcare Providers
  • Real Estate
  • Financial and Legal Service Providers
  • Home Improvement/ Utility Contract Providers
  • Restaurants
  • Political Campaigns
  • Direct Mail (Catalogs, etc.)
  • Local Events
  • and Others

Ways Addressable GeoFencing Marketing Is Being Applied?

Addressable GeoFencing is used to help advertisers build brand awareness, engage with existing customers, build new customers, and/or encourage traffic to an advertiser’s location.

Consider how Addressable GeoFencing in being applied in marketing campaigns:

Auto and Car Dealership: When drivers are nearing the end of their lease agreement, they are often considering their next auto. This is an open window for auto and car dealerships to be reach these consumers with new offers and promotions to keep their business. Using Addressable GeoFencing, businesses can effectively and efficiently market to these consumers.

Medical and Healthcare: The reminder for an annual check-up, screening, and notice to get vaccinated before the flu season kicks in are opportunities to help drive patients back to the office. Using Addressable GeoFencing, advertisers may market to existing and new customers within the targeted physical location to the medical and healthcare facility.

Real Estate: Homeowners and homebuyers are evaluating the market to determine the best pricing to help in their decision making. Targeting a physical location about a neighboring property that’s up for sale or that’s recently completed a sale can help garner interest in those in the local area to buy or sell. It’s also a marketing tactic that can work to encourage people to attend an upcoming “Open House.”

Financial and Legal Service Providers: Whether it’s a home loan, line of equity, other banking products and services or legal services like tax forms, wills, etc., Address GeoFencing can help market to the local customer base near the branch location or office. As a result of plat line data gathered for Addressable GeoFencing, you have precision targeting to specific consumers.

Home Improvement/Utility Contract Providers: Addressable GeoFencing offers targeting at the physical address location level. Promote services available within an area or recent projects completed within the neighborhood to engage with new customers.

Restaurants/Events/Political Campaigns: Local patrons are critical to the success of many restaurants and local events or political campaigns. Using Address GeoFencing, advertisers can efficiently and effectively inform an audience within a targeted physical address zone about new menu items, specials, and events.

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