Why Geofencing.com?

Why Should My Business Use Geofencing?

You don’t need us to tell you how overwhelmed the average American is with ads on a daily basis. Since the dot-com burst and the massive amounts of smartphones and other devices hitting the market—we’re all bombarded constantly. And, new data shows that consumers are starting to ignore traditional advertising methods.

Precise Targeting for Higher-converting Ads

Using establishing, well-defined boundaries with geofencing, means you can hit your prospects and customers only when it’s RELEVANT to them. Your ad is going to be tons more effective if it’s shown to them while they’re in your place of business, rather than on their couch, scrolling through social media updates and watching Netflix.

It’s time for businesses to start taking advantage of this huge opportunity. The more relevant an ad, the more likely it is to convert. We even help our customers tailor the design and creative content shown in the ad to make it as impactful as possible.

So, it’s no wonder why some of the world’s largest brands have turned to location-based advertising and geofencing marketing practices. It’s helped Coca-cola, Starbucks, and even BMW improve their marketing efforts.

The great news is that we help small and mid-size businesses get big results just like the Coca-colas of the world.

Location-based Ads That Customer Relationships

Geofencing is an excellent way to build meaningful relationships with your customers and develop a sense of community—weather online or offline—with your prospects and customers.

Younger shoppers are especially keen on this type of relationship—or brand loyalty—and it’s important that businesses stay ahead of the curve and implement marketing best practices to create brand loyalty.

For example, you might send a notification to shoppers in your store that you’re having a sale, and that all they need to do is like your Facebook page to receive the special discount. Customers that are satisfied with your brand’s sense of community are also more likely to talk about your company with their friends and in their social feeds.

Collecting and Optimizing Useful Data

Our team of digital advertising and geofencing experts will be able to set up methods for collecting all of the data from your geofencing campaigns—who clicks what, at what time of day, where, how long before they clicked, etc.

We can then analyze this data and use it to help optimize your future ads–both in terms of when and how they’re delivered, right down to the ad copy and colors selected for the headlines and buttons.

And we don’t stop with one iteration. We’ll continuously optimize your campaigns so that you keep getting better and better results.

Get the Benefits of Geofencing 

Geofencing is undoubtedly the next big thing in digital advertising. With the decrease in click-through rates and subsequent decrease in the effectiveness of traditional digital advertising methods, it’s important that business owners get started quickly so that they can take advantage of the many benefits offered to them—and their customers—through geofencing.

Don’t miss out on geofencing benefits.

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