How Does Geofencing Work?

Consumers today are exposed to more ads than ever before.

Fewer consumers than ever are clicking on traditional mobile ads. This means that businesses need solutions that are more appealing to their target markets. Geofencing is becoming a popular turn-to since it’s much more targeted and location-specific.

In addition, the majority of smartphones are compatible with geofencing technology—over 90%. This leaves today’s business owners with a prime opportunity to advertise based on location.

Working with

Geofencing depends on beacons (Bluetooth barries), GPS, and radio signals to ping your customers with ads once they’re in your selected location—most likely the location of your business.

Identify your locations and strategize

The first step in working with is to identify which locations you’ll be sending ads from. Next, we’ll start planning how to advertise and identify key characteristics of your target demographic so that we can advertise to them in the most effective way.


Next, we’ll work to get your geofencing mechanisms in place—the applications and GPS targeting (beacons, WiFi, and Bluetooth).

Ad Creation and Implementation

Finally, we’ll work with our team of advertising experts to design your ad work based on data around your target demographic. We can create several ad sets so that your creative is always fresh and enticing. Once we’ve got your ad creative ready to go—and approved by you of course—we’ll get the ball rolling, and implement the ads into a campaign.


We don’t stop at just running the ad campaigns for you. We collect data about those campaigns—we dig deep into which ads are working, or aren’t—and we optimize your campaigns based on that data. Your advertising results will always be improving.

Geofencing Expertise

Our team of dedicated, geofencing experts will set up your geofencing capabilities and ad campaigns will astute attention to detail. We’ve got years of experience with this stuff, and we’ve accumulated some best-practices along the way.

In addition to understanding all the technical details, we’ve also got an in-house team of digital advertising experts—from designers to writers and developers—who can craft beautiful and memorable ads for your business. These ads will be specifically designed and optimized for geofencing experiences.

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